Do You Want To Know A Secret?




Come let me show you the secret of life

I’ve known it awhile same goes for the wife

We keep it out there, way out the back

Watch out for snakes and keep to the track

Fresh air and sunshine how blessed are we

When you open your eyes there is plenty to see.

Don’t mind old ‘Bluey’ he usually don’t bite

But if he starts growlin’ just RUN for your life.

He guards the secret to keep it from thieves

Brothers and sisters you had better believe

Open the gate even though it ain’t locked

It’s always been there so prepare to be shocked

We’ve finally arrived and admission is free

Ancient knowledge is yours and here is the key.

The cycle of life resides here in the garden

There can’t you see, Joni’s billion year old carbon.

Providing for family their personal food bowl

Pulling up weeds is good for our souls

It grounds you and your fingernails to good mother earth

At least that is my thinking For What It’s Worth

I feel part of the cosmos at least for a while

Down by the fish pond and the concrete sundial

Surrounded by hollyhock, lupines and limes

You hear primal echoes reverberate through time

Everywhere is art it’s a privilege to see

The flowers in bloom and the birds and the bees.

This day I’ll be Adam and you can be Eve,

I’ll tell the boss lies and take my ‘sick leave’.


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