Darwin Harbor by Carpetbag Kelly

Darwin Poem final sm

Here is another poem from my Dad which I’ve been saving for Anzac Day.


There is no further problem

That life holds out for me

Living in our little home

Beside the northern sea.


But fifty years or so ago

It wasn’t all that way

As the sounds of battle fierce rang out

Across Arafura Bay.


Sometimes on a peaceful night

I hear the fighters roar

As they came to fight the fight

That was the last Great War.


Wave after wave of zeros

Up the harbor flew

Killing all before them

On the water calm and blue


And as I think of aircraft

Swooping from the North,

I call to mind the heroes

That this war then brought forth.


There was the US Perry

Guns blazing as she sank;

It was not the Royal Navy

That Australians had to thank.


For in our days of peril

(Now let this truth abound),

It was not our British cousins

Who put leather to the ground.


Yet now the Darwin Harbor,

Free from fight and fear,

Is a wonder unaffected

By that war of yesteryear.




Throughout this land so fair and wide

Wherever I may roam,

The Darwin Harbor will abide

As my most precious home.



High Plains Drifter

High Plains Drifter

Vengeance had God on his side and a badge which shimmered in the sunlight as it flickered through the tree line. Just below the ridge doggedly following the trail of the murderous scum that had butchered his sweet family. Justice was coming just as sure as night followed day. It was the time of blood and dying. Once over the peak the squinted eyes surveyed the hombre’s in the distance. Giddy up boy! The clip clop was replaced with horseshoe thunder heralding the coming apocalypse. With a pounding heart good faced off evil. Blue, steel clasped with white alabaster and sheathed in angry tooled leather confronted the trilogy from the badlands. There was no need for words in this final battle, Complete silence….until the black hat desecrated the honor with a concealed Winchester. To no avail, crack, crack, crack the good the bad and the ugly fell heavily into the dust. The universe was re-calibrated and Ennio Morricone reigned supreme.